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Trailer Mounted Diesel Generator

Trailer mounted diesel generator is widely used for mobile operation, maintenance, emergency power supply, and so on.

Besides the features for silent diesel generator, trailer mounted diesel generator also possess many other features:
1. Leaf spring, a suspension for wheeled vehicles, is equipped in the trailer mounted diesel generator. Besides, handbrake and pneumatic brake, designed for the connection with trailer, are also equipped.

2. An adjustable bolt-on traction frame is adopted, which is suitable for trailers with different heights. The design helps to achieve a large turning angle and high mechanical properties.

3. There are supporting devices in trailer's four corners, control and maintenance panels in three sides of trailer, as well as foot pedals on the rear part of the trailer.

4. Cornering lamp, brake warning light and standard plug are equipped in the trailer mounted diesel generator.

5. It allows direct hoisting for trailer on its top part.

Kusing is a leading industrial diesel generator manufacturer, trailer mounted diesel generator supplier, there are a wide range of diesel gensets with power ranging from 10KVA to 2000KVA, such as Cummins engine powered generator, Perkins engine powered generator, etc. We have years of experience in designing and manufacturing industrial generators, Kusing company provides quality diesel gensets as well as diesel power solutions for customers.

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