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Generator Automatic Transfer Switch

Generator automatic transfer switch features:
1. Automatic transfer switch adopts a four-stage mechanical & electronic switch, which could either be automatic or manual.
2. Automatic transfer switch has pilot lamps for charging condition, power generation condition and load circuit condition.
3. The screen for automatic transfer switch underwent scouring, phosphating and plastic spraying.
4. Shifting time could be adjusted from 1 second to 60 second for automatic transfer switch.
5. An easily-operated integrated control cabinet is adopted, which is used for integrated controlling towards electronic devices.
6. Automatic transfer switch is quite flexible, which could be manually operated, semi-automatically operated or fully-automatically operated. When it is a fully-automatic switch, it could be used for two or more than two machines in parallel at the same time. The adoption of this switch allows a more reliable power supply.

Kusing is a professional industrial diesel generator manufacturer, automatic transfer switch supplier, suitable for use in the diesel gensets with power ranging from 10KVA to 2000KVA. We have years of experience in designing and manufacturing industrial generators, each genset is tested to ensure quality, Kusing company provides quality diesel gensets as well as diesel power solutions for customers.

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