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T500 Light Tower Generator

T500 light tower generator is a new type of light tower generator, being outfitted with adjustable mast, which enjoys an easier operation when compared with other masts. Meanwhile, since T500 light tower generator has a relatively small size, allowing a convenient transportation.

Technical Parameters
Standard Equipment T500
Length(mm) 2280(1050,Retracted the tow bar & reversed the rear legs)
Width(mm) 1050
Height(mm) 2760(2270,Deteached a pair of the top lights)
Height (Mast be extended fully,mm) 7060
Weight (Dry,kg) 460(Without fuel)
Engine model 186FB
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Speed (rpm) 3000/3600
Continued Power (kVA) 2.1/2.3
Number of Cylinders 1
Diesel Engine Characters 4 -cycles, air-cooled diesel
Combustion Type Direct injection
Engine Aspiration Naturally aspirated
Alternator Single phase
Rating Voltage (V) 230(AC)
Alternator Insulation Class H
Fuel Tank Capacity 35 liters (10 US Gallons)
Operating hours with full fuel 80 hours
Type of lights LED
Number & Power of Lights 4*300W
Number of Mast Sections 5
Mast Extension Manually
Light Tilt Manually
Stabilizing Legs Manually
Trailer Suspension System Single torsion axle without brake
Hitch & tow bar The ball or O ring hitch in stable height & "A" tow bar
Tire & rim size 13"
Wires & electic components IP44
Acoustic Pressure 75dB(A) at 7 meters
Max.load quantity in a 20' container(sets) 10
Optianal equipment & upgrades
Engine 186FB(Local Brand)

T500 light tower generator features:
1. Lamp post's height is adjustable, whose highest level will arrive to seven meters. And when adjusting it to the lowest height, the angle of incidence could be manually adjusted easily.

2. Adjustable mast could rotate in an angle of 300 degrees, allowing a wider injection range.

3. Rubber spring is outfitted for easier repair.

4. Hexagon rubber suspension system is installed on the T500 light tower generator, thus it could be driven in diverse uneven roads. Meanwhile, it is maintenance free and is able to use for a long period of time.

5. Lamp's electronic devices are all installed on the light tower, allowing an easy installation. And most of the electronic cables could be stored within stainless steel pipe, which is outfitted with a protectiveness function.

6. Galvanized mast and powder coated box are used in the light tower, allowing it a long-term operation in outdoor environment.

7. Tripod stand is used, allowing stable operation in uneven roads or fierce wind environment with a level of 8.

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