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H1000 Light Tower Generator

Product description
H1000 light tower generator is one kind of large power light tower generator, whosehydraulic system is operated with the help of electronic controller, allowing a prompt operation, flexible running, safe use and reliable quality. The light tower generator is equipped with six search lights or twelve LED lights, which could spread light within a radius of 500 meters.

Technical Parameters
Standard Equipment H1000
Length(mm) 4820(3760,the tow bar be retracted)
Width(mm) 2850(1830,Retracted the legs)
Height(mm) 2920(2380,a pair of top light be detached)
Height(Mast be extended fully) 10050MM
Weight (Dry,kg) 2510
Engine model YND485 404D-22G(Perkins)
Frequency(Hz) 50 60 50 60
Speed(rpm) 1500 1800 1500 1800
Continued Power(KVA) 17 20 18 22
Number of Cylinders 4 4
Diesel Engine Characters 4-cycle,In line, Water cooled Diesel
Combustion Type Indirect injection
Engine Aspiration Natural aspirated
Alternator Brushless & Single phase
Rating Voltage(V) 230/240V
Alternator Insulation Class H
Fuel Tank Bundled Tank
Fuel Tank Capacity(L) 200
Operating hours with full fuel 50 hours 52 hours
Type of Lights Metal halide floodlight (Double ends,GEWISS or local brand) Metal halide floodlight (Double ends,GEWISS)
Number & Power of Lights 6*1500W 6*2000W
Mast Lifting & Extension Hydraulic operation
Mast Rotation 340°Hydraulic operation
Light Bar Tilt 90° Electric operation
Automatic Light Controller SUNIGHT Controller
Stabilizing legs Hydraulic operation
Trailer suspension & braking system Leaf spring & double axles with electric brakes
Hitch & tow bar Ball or O ring & stable hitch in stable height
Tire & rim size 15"
Acoustic pressure 70dB(A) at 7 meters away
Output sockets 2 Pieces (230/240V,15A)
Mining configuration Be fitted
Max.quantity in a 40' container (sets) 40HQ 3
Optional equipment & upgrades
Cold weather starting kit
Stabilizing legs Manually

H1000 light tower generator features:
1. Galvanized hydraulic mast and powder coated box are outfitted in H1000 light tower generator, allowing it working in outdoor environment for a relatively long period of time. Meanwhile, baffle box and muffler are also equipped in the light tower generator, which are quite durable and thick. Thus, the noise will be less than 70db at seven meters distance.

2. Electronic controller helps to ensure an accurate adjustment of lamp post, adjusting it to any angle from zero degrees to 90 degrees. Meanwhile, it also allows a flexible rotation from zero degrees to 340 degrees.

3. Icons are displayed clearly and orderly in the control panel, allowing easy operation. Besides, the design of lamp controller enables lights turning off one by one.

4. The protective level of all the outdoor electric plugs, sockets and electric wires is no less than IP44. And the protective level of light tower's lighting is IP65, IP66 or even higher.

5. Power supply socket with a protective level of IP65 could power all the power system and electronic devices at any time.

6. A low-emission diesel engine is outfitted, which helps to provide stable and sustainable electricity for light fixture. Meanwhile, a fully sealed fuel box is equipped in the H1000 light tower generator, which well prevents fuel's splashing.

7. Hydraulic mast could be operated independently, and it could well support lamps for a stable operation in some harsh environments, such as uneven roads traveling, or traveling in fierce wind weather with a grade of 8.

Optional devices:
Radio control is adopted in the light tower generator, which allows a remote controlling within a radius of 50 meters for lamp post's tilting and adjustable mast's rotation.

SMS (Short message service) remote control function is also installed, allowing a remote activation or stop with the help of a cellphone, which is connected with the light tower. Besides, if there is faulty operation, a warning message will be sent to the cellphone as well.

Kusing is a leading industrial diesel generator manufacturer, the H1000 light tower is powered by 4-cycle water cooled diesel engine, there are a wide range of diesel generating sets with power ranging from 10KVA to 2000KVA, such as Cummins engine powered generator, Perkins engine powered generator, etc. We have years of experience in designing and manufacturing industrial generators, each genset is tested to ensure quality, Kusing company provides quality diesel generators as well as diesel power solutions for customers.

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