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GCK30850 50HZ Biogas Generator

Frequency 50HZ
Rotational speed RPM 1500
Max. power KVA 116.9
KW 93.5
Rated power KVA 106.3
KW 85
Generator model 6BTAA5.9-G2
AC engine model TCU228J
GAC controller Yes
Production procedures:

A: Pig farm
B: Fresh manure
C: Sewage
D: Settling basin
E: Collector well
F: Sedimentation tank
G: Anaerobic tank
H: Liquid storage tank
I: Biochemical pond

J: Bio-slurry purification
K: Fertilizer
L: Discharging device
M: Valid purifier
N: Recycling device
O: Methane
P: Water seal
Q: Constant pressure device
R: Separation between methane and water

S: Desulfurization unit
T: Gas holder
U: Safety device
V: Pressure relief device
W: Flame retardant & purifying & distribution unit
X: Methane purifying
Y: Power generation or fuel feeding

Kusing is a leading industrial diesel generator manufacturer, GCK30850 50HZ 85KW biogas electric generator supplier, this generating set uses renewable energy like turn animal manure to biogas, and there are also a wide range of diesel gensets with power ranging from 10KVA to 2000KVA. Kusing company provides quality diesel gensets as well as biogas power solutions for customers.

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