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Custom requirements
Kusing could also provide custom engines and AC motors for customers as soon as they provide specific specifications, such as phase number, power factor (50 or 60 Hz), max. power (KW/KVA), rated power(KW/KVA), rated voltage and rated current.

Quality Guarantee
1. Kusing guarantee that all the products and parts are original package and come from original manufacturer;
2. We ensure stable and reliable quality of our products. One year or 1000 hours running time warranty after delivery.(depend on whichever expires )
3. Kusing will be responsible for repairing or replacing with new parts for all the malfunctions caused by gensets manufacturing defect. (within one year or 1000 hours running after delivery), but it does not include wearing parts, general gadget and any great damage caused by unsuitable operation & maintenance even still under guaranty.

To help users to master the operation, manual and maintenance of gensets, we specially provide primary/secondary courses for them in the local or factory. we will also carry on upgrade training course termly. At the same time, the customer is available for attending the training course in Asia base that is held by the original engine manufacturer.

Service Style
1. Provide service depend on the after service network of ourselves
2. Provide service guarantee depend on famous engine manufacturer and their agent in the world.

Pre-sales Service
1. Provide technical service.
2. Ass GA drawing of Genset&Schedule Drawing of Installation and so on.
3. Solve various consultation of customer
4. Help to choose the optimum scheme

After-sales Service
1. Gensets installation and debugging
2. Environment protection project
3. Residual heat utilization project
4. Fire protection inspect and test
5. Training
6. Maintenance guidance
7. Fault remedy and difficult problem explanation.
8. Prompt&ample supply of spare parts, timely repairing
9. Gensets mandatory management

Service Guarantee
1. Set up users' record tracking service and termly check
2. Organize centralized training for the operator of user
3. Our staff can be on duty according to customer's requirement in special condition

Spare Parts
1. Original manufacturer authorize spare parts service and dealer
2. Provide sterling spare parts of original manufacturer
3. Rapid response in 24 hours, global consignment

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