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Diesel Genset Features

1. Diesel generator sets are in perfect accordance with the standards of international standards.

2. AC engines of Kusing's generator sets are all adopted from top-class diesel engine manufacturers, such as Perkins Engines, Cummins, Volvo Group, YTO, Yangdong, Shanghai Diesel and etc. And these engines all features 4-stroke, direct injection, electric start, and water cooling, which allow our generator set a high economic efficiency, high reliability and high durability.

3. AC motors of Kusing generator sets are all adopted from world-in-class brands, such as Sitanfu Electromotor, Marathon, Leroy Somer, Teco and so on. These motors all features high performance, brushless, magnetic, 4 poles and single bearing, thus our generator sets has a protection grade of IP21-IP23 and a insulation class of H.

4. Kusing silent diesel engine are all outfitted with a baffle box, also named as quiet box, which can largely lower generator sets' noise to 60 to 70 DB, or even lower than 60 DB.

5. An efficient industrial muffler is equipped on each generator set.

6. Generator sets have independent plastic fuel tank, which helps to ensure the quality and safety of fuels.

7. Shockproof devices are installed on all the generator sets.

8. LED controller, and multi-function control unit are equipped on all the Kusing's generator sets, allowing a simpler and safer operation.

9. Automatic transfer switch (ATS) is equipped on each generator set, allowing automatic operation with no need for human interference, and national grid charging function.

10. Output power of our generator sets range from 10KVA to 2000KVA.

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